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bullet Our sunrooms come with a curved eave rooms was designed unlike other rooms to be installed on residential homes with 8" roof attachment height restrictions, while still being able to maintain a beautiful, curve c
bulletOur sunrooms and solariums internal drainage systems are designed as a preventive system. Through its internal canals, this system drains unwanted water out of the room without first damaging flooring or furnishings.
bulletThe optional tempered curved glass in the bull nose of our sunrooms and solariums carries a lifetime factory warranty. Available in clear, tinted, and solar cooled.
bulletMechanical glazing system was designed so there would be no exposed primary sealing, caulking, or seam sealer tape that would eventually dry, crack, split leak.
bulletWe have stainless steel machine fastener for the sunroom roof areas. These fasteners prevent rust while maintaining the strength of steel. Its self adjusting glazing system that prevents leaks as well as over tightening which prevents roof glass breakage.
bulletWe have designed all our sunrooms to adapt to virtually any type house, preventing the need for costly roof raises. The variable slope roof is just one of the elements that makes our product so easy to incorporate into any home.
bulletWe have seen to it that all of our sunroom structural components are tempered to the high level of T-6. These rafters support heavy amounts of glass ceiling panels over your family's living area.
bulletWe have the ability to vary the amount of glass & solid combinations in our sunroom roofs allowing you design flexibility. Variations of the two that will meet your specific design needs.

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Patio Room Roofs

bulletReinforced edges
bulletDeep set connection for locking
bulletInternal drainage system
bulletInterlock designed for free movement
bulletFully engineered for all building codes
bulletLengths to 35 ft.
bulletskylight and fan beam adaptable
bulletLifetime warranty.

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